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Welcome to! We are honoured that you have chosen our site for your alcohol-related questions.

Our mission is to guide people into making the most of drinking without suffering the dangerous side effects of alcohol.

After years of seeing the damage that alcohol has done to loved ones, we decided to take action. As we understand that going tee-total is not always an achievable option, both socially and physically, in our articles we lay out ways to slow down the harmful side effects alcohol creates.

This is why we have created a site to let party-goers, ravers and drinkers alike know that they do not have to be unhealthy.

If it’s your first time here, we have listed the steps and recommended starting points you should take to begin your journey to being a healthy drinker:


The first step is understanding your drinking behaviour. Think about the drinks you usually consume regularly. If you are more into beer, read our article explaining the alcohol content in beer.

If you’re a regular wine drinker, we have outlined the truth behind alcohol in wine and how much sugar is there in wine.

If Tequila is your tipple, read information on the alcohol content Tequila contains.

Don’t worry whiskey drinkers, we’ve got you covered too – How Much Sugar Is There In Whiskey?

We are constantly adding new blogs and articles about different alcohols to help all types of drinkers learn more about what they are consuming.


We have listed better alternatives to popular drinks for you to switch your habits.

If you want still want to drink beer, we have listed 10 tasty low carb beers.

We have created a list of both affordable low carb white wine and low carb red wine.


Now it’s time to cut down your calories and carbs.

For beer drinkers, head to How To Cut Down Calories In Beer.

If you drink Tequila, we’ve explained How To Cut Down Carbs In Tequila.

We also have laid out 10 Ways To Cut Calories In Wine.

We will be posting regular blogs providing more information on how to drink healthily on a range of different popular alcoholic drinks. Join us on this journey by subscribing. Happy drinking!

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