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17 Must-Have Cool Bar Products

Whether you own a bar or heading to a friend’s, we have the gadgets for you.

No bar is complete without some unique decor and equipment rounding off the atmosphere. We have gathered up the coolest accessories and items that will instantly turn your bar into the hottest rave in town.

LED Ice Cubes

Add some 80s into your bar with these LED ice cubes. Placing the fluorescent friends in your cup is bound to turn a few heads. They come in a variety of colours with a battery life of 4-6 hours.

Confetti Cannons

Maybe not the most exotic item, but confetti cannons are a must-have at big events like New Year and birthday celebrations. With coloured foil that travels up to 2 meters in distance, you’ll be a hit at the party.

Cocktail Rimming Salt

Turn your cocktails from homemade mixes to glamorous VIP drinks with this rimming salt. Coming in a range of bright colours, this small but powerful touch adds an element of elegance to your evening.

Non Slip Tray

We’ve all seen it. Waiter carrying his body weight in drinks on a slippery, plastic tray trips over smashing the expensive round onto the cold bar floor – usually followed by an semi-enthusiastic ‘wheyy’ from the punters in simultaneous sarcasm. With this Non Slip Tray all your embarrassing fears will be alleviated.

Wooden Wine Barrel Dispenser

The vintage-looking wine barrel can turn a lackluster bar into a retro hideaway. Wow dinner guests with this top-of-the-bar necessity, filling up with an impressive 10 litres.

Manhattan Martini Cocktail Shaker Set

No bar is complete without a cocktail shaker. Look the real deal with this Manhattan styled shaker made of stainless steel. After a few Youtube tutorials you’ll be amazing guests with your cocktail-making abilities.

Edible Gold Leaf Flakes

A slight pour leads to great beauty – and we’re not talking about beer goggles! These gold leaves gives a classy essence to your champagne flute leaving a lasting impression on friends and family. Not only that, but they are entirely edible – so jug away.

Gulp Beer Tower Drink Dispenser

A throwback to college days, this beer tower dispenser is a convenient and interesting item in any bar. Guests will love the continuous beer on tap while the cool design will leave people in awe.

Backpack Drinks Dispenser

The only backpack a real partier will ever need. The perfect conversation starter is a beer tower condensed into a portable party-hub. Simple fill up the pack with 3 litres of your favourite beverage and you’re good to go.

Corona Wetstop Bar Runner

Serving up drinks can turn into a nightmare when spillages lead to damp bar. Give your surface an authentic pub look with this stylish Wetstop bar runner.

Glacier Acrylic Curve Wine Bucket

Entertaining wine lovers? Give their graceful drink choice some added elegance with this distinctive wine cooler. At only £11.99, who says you can’t by class?

Tiki Skull Cocktail Bowl

“…better than an old boring fish bowl.” Imagine the compliments you’ll receive with this innovative skull shaped cocktail bowl, while the punch queue will be longer than Amazon’s terms and conditions.


Onto the premium products for the big budget bar owners. Splash out on these extravagant items and you’ll have guests lining up from Timbuktu.

Three Tier LED Bottle Display Stand

This remote controlled three tier LED display stand is the perfect addition to a modern bar. Create a techy-vibe whilst showing off your most popular tipples.

Deluxe Chrome Bottle Carousel & Measures

Place this Chrome Bottle Carousel to your bar portfolio and guests will be flabbergasted. Placing 6 bottles on each slot will give ease of pouring to you and your staff.

British Leopold Style Gold Jigger Measure

Straight from Henry VIII’s Tupperware cupboard, look as rich as you want to feel with this gold-styled measure. Cocktail making won’t be the same again with this flashy piece of kitchenware.

47 Ronin Two Piece Cocktail Shaker Polished Brass


Another cocktail shaker, this French two-piece is polished with brass giving a luxurious effect. Not only will it jazz up your bar, at £49.99 its arguably a steal.

Nude Vintage Cognac Glasses

The classic cognac and whiskey glasses, specially designed with a short stem and tulip style to supplement and contain the deep alcoholic liqueurs. A modern, sophisticated bar without one of the vintage sets would be like a fish without water.

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