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9 Tasty Low Carb Beers

Whether enjoying a night out with friends or chilling with a nice cold one, you’re probably aware that beer does no favours to your waistline.

However, it’s not all doom and beer-belly gloom.

We have compiled a list of low carb beers that still taste great while helping you retain that 20-something figure.

1. Chang – 3.2g


A sweet, sparkling Thai beer with a bitter finish, Chang has a delightful taste for all you pale lager lovers out there. Weighing in with only 3.2g of carbs, it’s even often endorsed by athletes.

2. Tusker – 4.2g


Bring the safari into your living room with Kenya’s greatest export since Richard Dawkins. Tusker has a refreshingly unique taste and at 4.2g of carbs you’ll kick yourself if you never give it a try.

3. Coors Light – 5g

Coors Light

With only 5g of carbs, Coors Light is a great alternative to your usual lager. It retains its notorious taste while giving you a little less belly for your buck.

4. Phoenix – 4.75g


A light and natural portal into the poetic lifestyle of Mauritius. Phoenix lager is also made with no chemical additives meaning it has environmental benefits along with cultural significance.

5. Bud Light – 6.6g

Bud Light

That’s right. You’ve all seen the advert, now it’s time to ‘Dilly dilly’ into the fresh, playful taste of Bud light. Bring a 6-pack to your friend’s barbecue and you’ll have immediate small talk material.

6. San Miguel – 3.7g

San Miguel

Surprised? The famous Spanish lager not only tastes great, but also contains a fraction of most other beer’s concentrations of carbs. Not only that, but with its popularity you can find this beer in almost every pub and supermarket.

7. Peroni – 3.2g


Another popular Mediterranean beer, Peroni emboldens the essence of Italy with classy connotations and an elegant taste. Avoid a beer belly by sticking to the classic.

8. Skinny Lager 3g

skinny lager

Here it is, our favourite. Specially formed to be a ‘skinny’ alternative to the world’s favourite beers, Skinny Lager is a groundbreaking British creation that is causing waves in the drinks industry. With only 89 calories per bottle, this is a must have if you’re looking to cut down when drinking.

9. Skinny Cider 2.5g

Skinny Cider

That’s right, they don’t just do lager. SkinnyBrands have also launched a cider alternative to their skinny beer. Only 2.5g of carbs and 149 calories per bottle, the revolutionary diet alcohol brand have done it again.

Carbs in Popular Beers

Beer Carbs Calories
Corona Extra 13.9 148
Heineken 10.6 166
Beck’s 10 143
Budweiser 10.6 143


It might seem like a small contrast between the low carb beers listed and the popular brands above, but added up it can really make a big difference.

If you drink 6 Bud Lights, you have consumed 39.6 carbs, while 6 Budweisers adds up to 63.6 – almost double! Not only are there tasty beers on the low carb list, but even if you still adamantly prefer the full bodied beer, after you begin to feel a bit tipsy you won’t care about the taste anyway. Win-win!

Keto Beer Review

Keto Connect, a dedicated Keto channel, reviewed some of the most carb-friendly beers and analysed which beers can get them the drunkest with the lowest amount of carb-intake.

The experiment aimed to get them to a drunkness level of 3 glasses of wine for the man and 2 for the woman.

Once they had reached that point, they would then go onto record how many carbs it took them to get them there, ultimately discovering the best low carb beer for getting drunk.

The final results are as follows:

  1. Michelob Ultra
  2. Busch Ice
  3. Miller Lite
  4. Natural Lite
  5. Bud Select 55
  6. Kerberos Tripel
  7. Coors Light
  8. Keystone Light
  9. Bell’s 2 Hearted IPA
  10. Pabst Blue Ribbon
  11. Sierra Nevada IPA

If you are based in the UK, a lot of these beers might not be accessible. You will probably be better off sticking to the ones on our original list, and the big name brands with ‘Light’ in their name.

Health Tip

Eat while you drinking. And no, unfortunately we don’t mean pizzas and McDonald’s. Keeping healthy snacks around while drinking will mean you fill up before the alcohol kicks in – meaning you avoid that late night kebab run.


As you can see, you don’t need to avoid big name brands to cut down on drinking fattening alcohol. Hopefully this article has given you some insight into how you can still drink while keeping that carb count low.

However, if you are going on a big night of drinking and expect to heavily consume one of these beers, the chances are the carbs will add up and it won’t be too much healthier in the long run.

If this is the case, avoid lager and opt for stouts like Guinness. The difference is that stouts are made with whole grains and contain vitamins – giving us health benefits.

Spirits and wines can also be less fattening than beer. Read our similar articles on low carb wines for inspiration below.

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