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How to Cut Down Carbs in Tequila

tequila plant

While enough shots can make you dance until the sun comes up, tequila actually has some advantages in smaller dosages. So, if you want to taste and enjoy good tequila and are reluctant to down shots, understandably so with the hangover that follows, we have divided these advantages into 8 points for you:

Benefits of Drinking Tequila

1. Helps with digestion

We don’t refer to it as organic, but as tequila is made from 100% blue agave, its known to help with digestion. In fact, 100% Agave Tequila has inulin, a natural storage carbohydrate that aids in the growth of good bacteria in the digestive system.

2. Comparatively low carbohydrates

A tequila shot is usually served at most with salt and lime, or simply on the rocks. In contrast to shots like Jägerbombs, which are served with a drink, which already has a very high sugar content. In addition, tequila already has significantly fewer carbohydrates than most other spirits.

3. Helps to prevent dementia in the elderly

According to a 2009 study, regular and moderate alcohol use for the elderly has health benefits. Be it a glass of wine or a tequila, it seems that moderate intake allows brain cells to run at high power for longer.

4. It even helps with weight loss

According to a 2014 study by López, a Mexican chemist, controlled intake of tequila can increase weight loss. The reason for this lies in agavin, a type of sugar that is found in tequila. Agavin can pass your system unused and is therefore great help if you want to lose a few pounds.

5. It can help prevent diseases like osteoporosis and type 2 diabetes

Agavines apparently increases calcium absorption. At the 247th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society, a study reported that Agavine acts as fiber, and reportedly does not cause increased blood sugar levels.

6. Glutenfree!

Many of us go through the menu options, looking to avoid gluten. But when it is a case of alcohol we usually skip reading the ingredient list. You can avoid the guilt with tequila. Made from the agave plant and not wheat or rice, tequila is 100% gluten free. However, it is important that you pay attention to the percentage of agave when buying, because 100% pure agave not only tastes much better, but is also guaranteed to be gluten-free.

7. Helps with insomnia

We are not talking about passing out after a binge, that’s possible with a sufficient amount of any alcohol. A small amount of tequila, however, has been reported to help your body relax and reduce restlessness. So you can sleep through the night better.

8. It’s probiotic

Probiotics, the healthy bacteria in the gut, strengthens our immune system. The fructans (a type of carb) in tequila provide probiotics to the body when consumed in small amounts. Again, of course, enjoy in moderation.

For more info on cutting down carbs in spirits such as vodka and whiskey, visit our spirits blog feed.

Other Benefits

This low carb drink is perfect to start a party and even more perfect for a big night out! Splashing out on a high-quality tequila also helps to avoid a hangover the next day, unlike most other alcoholic drinks.

A study published on the American Chemical Society site highlights that “the tequila plant” could be a sweetener for diabetics, since it helps reduce blood sugar.

Researchers point out that a sweetener created from “the plant used to make tequila” could reduce blood glucose levels for the 26 million Americans and others around the world who suffer from type 2 diabetes , as well as help the obese to lose weight .

They explained that agavines, a natural form of sugar found in the agave plant, are not digestible and can act as dietary fiber, so they would not increase blood glucose.

At the world’s largest scientific meeting, Mexican researcher Mercedes G. López explained that “as agavines reduce glucose levels and increase GLP-1, they also increase the amount of insulin.”

He noted that agavins “have no known side effects, except for the few people who can not tolerate them.”

“Like other fructans, which are made from sugar fructose, they are the best sugars to support the growth of healthy microbes in the mouth and intestines,” he added.

Cutting Carbs in Tequilla

Honestly speaking, there is no healthy alcoholic beverage. Tequila might be low in sugar and carbs, but mixing adds a lot of carbs to your drink. They sometimes are loaded with a lot of sugars, dyes and other additives, that makes the nutritional value weaken. So how you make your drink is vital.

Skip the soft drinks (soda)

Soft drinks add sugar to your drink even if they are 100% juice. We are looking at how to cut down carbs so you won’t need any unnecessary calories, especially since the mixer takes up a larger quantity.

An alternative is mixing your drink with seltzer water or club soda, a good way to add the bubbles without the all the added chemicals. Sparkling mineral water can come in handy, but it changes the taste of the cocktail with its sodium content.

Say no to margarita mix

Buying margaritas from the store means buying a cocktail full of food coloring, sugars, additives, artificial sweeteners and high-fructose corn syrup.

Try to stick to homemade margaritas as much as possible or better still, drink from places where you can see the bartenders mixing the actual ingredients.

Opt for silver tequila

One great way to avoid a tequila infested with carbs is drinking clear liquors, like silver tequila. Helps you to avoid congeners (a compound with criminal record for long lasting hangovers). This way you can enjoy tequila that is safe for you and your body.

Go pure

100% agave without the squatters (additives, caramel coloring and grain alcohols) that increase the carb content is safer for you. It is also recommended for people with wheat or gluten sensitivity as tequila is made without grains.

Rein it in

There are a lot of health problems attached to drinking excessively. Alcohol has an inflammatory capability and can cause problems to the digestive systems, affect your blood sugar and in worse cases damage your nervous system.

When you drink, drink responsibly, drink wisely, drink with sense.


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