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15 Cheap Low Carb Red Wines

A glass of red – a symbolic token of a hard-workers treat after a stress-fuelled day.

Since 400BC humans have been indulging in red wine. Although, the Egyptians may not have been binge watching Breaking Bad while drinking the famous grape juice.

However we tend to feel guilty after a glass, as we’re constantly told that its doing no favours to our figure.

That’s why we have drafted together a comprehensive list of low carb red wines that will leave you feeling both comforted and thin on the waist – all whilst not breaking the bank!

Pinot Noir – 3.4g

1. Louis Jadot Bourgogne

An oak aged blended wine from the France, this Pinot Noir has a playful mix of cherry and raspberry. This medium-bodied bottle will set you back just £12.99.

2. I Heart Pinot Noir

Drink this smooth plum wine with fish or duck and feel the full elegant taste. At just £5.49 a bottle, who says Hungary can’t do red wine?

3. Louis Jadot Coteaux Bourguignons Gamay

If the modest winemakers of Burgandy know one thing, its their blends. A acidity yet juicy mix of 70% Gamay and 30% Pinot Noir this gentle wine is a must-have from this list.

4. Matua Pinot

Another soft wine, the Matua Pinot leaves a lingering taste after caressing your tastebuds with ripe and luscious tannins. Get the New Zealand tipple for just £8.99.

5. Kiwi Cuvee Bin 518

A pure red colour, this French bottle exposes cherry and berries to your dinner table. Its light body allows it to cascade down upon drinking.

Shiraz – 3.79g

6. Casillero Del Diablo Reserva

A signature Shiraz, this full-bodied wine is from the historic Chilean wine region Valle Central. At only £6.39 you’ll kick yourself if you missed out on the classic.

7. Jacobs Creek Classic 

Grab a taste of South Australia with this Jacobs Creek Classic Shiraz. Try out a 187ml bottle for just £2.39, perfect for a gift set or a trial into Shiraz red wine.

8. Kumala Western Cape

Spaghetti Bolognese with a filling meaty dish is the perfect 2-course meal to accompany this full-bodied Shiraz. The South African bottle has deep red flavours with a touch of spice.

9. Barossa Ink

Another deep red ideal for an Italian meal, this Barossa Ink Shiraz is scattered with hints of chocolate transcending from the fruity berry flavours. Blended in the Barrossa Valley of Australia, pick up a bottle online for £9.99.

10. Jam Shed

Full-bodied and full of fruit, this sweet red wine is filled with rich red berry tastes. You won’t want to miss out on the hints of vanilla and spice when served slightly chilled.

Sangiovese – 3.85g

11. Castello di Nipozzano

Castello di Nipozzano

This Sangiovese wine is packed with rounded tannins and Italian resilience. Tuscany’s well kept affordable treasure is just £9.98 for a 37.5cl bottle.

12. Errazuriz


Cherrys and figs creatively blend into this delightful deep red coloured wine. A well-bodied Sangiovese that gives a surprising dose of sweetness accompanied by its acidity.

13. Bodega Norton

Bodega Norton

From an Argentinian wine region in Mendoza, comes this under-priced gem. A cheerful blend encompasses the cherry fruit of this Sangiovese classic.

14. Coriole


Coriole exceed expectations with this warm red wine. It has a balanced medium body combining classic fruity flavours with chocolate spice. At only £10.50 a bottle its hard to see a downside.

15. Tenuta l’Impostino

Tenuta l'Impostino

One of the more premium bottles on the list, this Italian Sangovese gathers its secrets in Tuscany and carries them into your taste buds. Its full-bodied, soft texture is impossible to disappoint.

BONUS: SkinnyBooze Wines

Launched in 2012, SkinnyBooze have been causing a stir in the drinks industry. They have perfected their recipes to create delicious and authentic versions of your favourite alcoholic drinks, while keeping calorie and carb count to a bare minimum. With a range including: lager, cider, wine, champagne, spirits and even cocktails, this is a on-stop shop for every alcohol drinker looking to cut down the beer belly.

Here is a list of its red wines:

Dudley’s Stone – Cabernet Merlot

skinny red wine

Sensi Campoluce – Chianti

Mas Olivier – Faugeres

La Metropole – Red Wine

Health Tip

A well-documented health benefit of wine is that it reduces blood pressure. This ties in with the common perception from people that a glass of wine relaxes them.

However, doctors still recommend that women should not drink more than 1 glass of wine a day, while men can drink 2.

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