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10 Ways To Cut Calories In Wine

I know you are probably reading this with your favourite wine in hand. Don’t feel guilty, there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, feel free to take a sip while we tell you just how you can cut them calories in wine and still live healthily to fulfil your purpose.

You must be wondering what all this calories and wine thing is about? Why should you even be concerned? I’m no fitness guru but if you are on a diet, then skipping wine off the menu seems like the most logical thing to do. But why? For the sake of our waistlines it is important to know that wine just like any other food has calories and can actually tip the scale pointer. We don’t seem to take note of this because liquid calories usually have a way of slipping past our watchful eyes compared to solid calories.

Hitting You With Facts!

Take a closer look at the bottle now. According to the USDA Natural Nutrient Data, a 4 ounce glass of wine has approximately 100 calories. And a full bottle of wine can have up to 625 calories.

To save your body from impending weight gain I am even willing to give a simple list of how many calories there are in 150ml (a standard glass) of different popular brands of wine.

Red Wines

Zinfandel – 129

Sula Vineyards - Zinfandel 2017

Barbera – 125

Pio Cesare - Barbera d'Alba 2016

Cabernet – 122

Altozano - Tempranillo Cabernet 2016

Pinot Noir – 121

Casa Lapostolle - Cuvee Alexandre Pinot Noir 2015

White Wines

Chardonnay – 123

Argento - Chardonnay Viognier 2014

Riesling – 118

Amalaya - Torrontes Riesling 2017

Champagne – 105

Champagne Francoise Bedel - Origin'Elle Extra Brut NV

Sauvignon Blanc – 119

Caliterra - Tributo Sauvignon Blanc 2014

Now you see, too much wine might not be a very good idea if you want to flex six pack abs or if you are trying to slay that bikini body.

Now enough with the talk already and let’s get straight into business and see just how we can cut down those calories in wine.

1. Moderation

Please forgive me if it seems like am attacking your wine habits, or if it sounds like am trying to tell you how you should live your life. But everyone knows that too much of something is poisonous. It’s all about limits! Really, it’s not the wine that makes you fat but how you drink it. In fact, see it this way, there is nothing we can do to magically change the calorie content in wine, some wines are pretty much natural and if you want quality then you will keep them that way. But how often they go into your system is your job. It is recommended that men should drink only about 3 drinks a day and for females just 2 is enough. I don’t know about you but that seems pretty fair to me.

2. Mix it up

Others like to call it Spritizing. Please don’t hit the back button. I’m not saying that you spoil your expensive bottle of wine by adding some cheap zero calorie club soda to it. I’m talking about those times you are just out with some friends and somehow you just end up in a wine bar and are like ‘Hey! Why not?‘ We both know these times are less about the taste and more about just drinking with friends and spending some quality time together. Why not do so and still keep your calories input in check? Simply take a glass of wine, split it in two and add club soda to it. Voila! You now have two glasses of fun for one glass of wine.

3. Cut Down The Alcohol Instead

Sing this line with me ‘Cut the alcohol, cut the fat’. Different types of wine have different alcohol concentration levels. But why am I dragging alcohol into this? Our bodies digest alcohol quite differently than they do a regular burger. The extra alcohol you might have drunk is usually taken through a long metabolic process which I am not medically qualified to explain to you. But what I can tell you is that these processes take place in your liver and produce toxins that can harm it. At the end of the day this excess alcohol is burnt as energy and some of it stored as fat.

Here is a simple equation to help you next time you go wine shopping :

%alcohol × 1.6 × ounces = calories content

4. Share A Drink

I know you are more willing to finish up a bottle of wine yourself than share it with the normies who don’t appreciate its value. But if you want to cut them calories in wine you will have to take my word. Trust me when I tell you that you will be more aware of your drinking if it punches your wallet just a little bit. Buy some pals a drink and you will end up drinking less than you would have if you drank alone.

5. Find a Better Pair

It’s so typical of us to throw sweet things in our mouths. Sadly, our sweet tooth gets the better of us even when we are drinking our wine. We chose to eat cheese and dried nuts with our wine without looking at the high build up of sugar and calories we are subjecting our bodies to. Why not cut the calories and save your waistline by just pairing up your wine with healthier options like fresh fruits, popcorn and peppered turkey jerky. Get some extra vitamins too.

6. Buy Expensive Wine

The only way am going to teach you how to cut the calories in your wine is by attacking your Benjamins. We all need or love money. The more expensive a bottle of wine is, the better the taste and the more easy you will go on it. No, I’m not telling you to break the bank or go on a loan mission for a bottle of fine wine. I’m just saying buy a bottle of wine that will kind of dent your wallet. Just a tinsy-winsy bit enough to stop you from overindulging.

7. Work out

This is no betrayal if working out was the last piece of advice you wanted. I know you would prefer sitting down somewhere and just chilling than hitting the gym and sweating like crazy. But I must tell you that this is so far the best way. Working out isn’t only for cutting down weight but also keeps you from gaining it in the first place. Want to have wine as a regular part of your diet? Work out! I’m not talking about Anorld’s muscles. Just a simple occasional jog session will burn up to 425 calories and allow you to take 3.5 glasses of wine. Actually, it’s the only way of cutting down calories that actually increases your wine limit! It’s a miracle!

8. Slip in some H2O

Yes, I’m talking about water and wine. Water might be the only thing that can help you cut down them calories and still allow you to have your glass of wine. You have to stay hydrated! Not only will it save you from that nasty zombifying hangover the following morning, but it will also cure you of thirst. And also make you less inclined to downing another cup of wine. How does this happen? Simple, water just fills you up.

9. Switch to Brut

I love sparkling wine and I’m sure that most of you would join me. But do you know that its fine taste also comes with high sugar content? Need I also remind you that sugar=calories? That’s why I would suggest that we switch over and have Brut wine instead. It still has wine’s fine taste and comes with even lesser calories. If you want to have that slim sexy waist then you must be willing to sacrifice and take drier wine.

10. Don’t substitute food for wine.

Even the legendary winemakers, the Italians and French with their delicious wines know this. Maybe that’s why despite being major producers of wine, they don’t face the overweight threat as a nation. It might be tempting to just take wine and then doze off on tiresome days. But it is more advisable to drink wine during or after a meal. And this is because the alcohol in wine will actually cause sugar fluctuations in your body and make you crave not so healthy foods. End result? You get fat.

I’ve just given you the best of tips on how you can cut down calories in wine and hope you will apply them. No no no.. don’t tell me that you will just keep off white wine because it is high on sugar levels as compared to red wine. In fact, there is not that much of a difference in calories between the two. Just do what I’ve told you and you get to keep your waistline. Cheers!

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